Development Plans

Comparative Advantage for Economic Growth and Development

Southern Highlands Province’s economy is largely smallholder-based agriculture, including some commercial production of fresh produce, coffee, poultry, and inland fish farming. Gas and oil are extracted at Kutubu.

There is potential for developing the production of hemp, grains and rice farming, livestock, eco-tourism, and hydro energy, and forest resources provide opportunities for carbon trade or development. SHP also has huge deposits of limestone resources.
Under the Planning and Service Delivery Frameworks, SHP will develop their five-year Provincial and District Development Plans in alignment to the MTDP IV, and incorporate all the District minimum service needs (Table C1.2) and strategic economic investment opportunities (Table C2.6.2).


Southern Highlands Province Strategic Economic Priorities

Comparative AdvantageSpecific AreasTargets
Commercial Agriculture & Livestock DevelopmentCoffee SmallholdersIncrease production and downstream processing
Rice Farming
Fresh Produce & Spice

Apiculture (Honey)
Poultry Development
Cattle Development
Forest DevelopmentForest Products Development100% Downstream Processing
Mining and PetreloumKutubu Petroleum70% fisheries processed onshore
PNGLNG Pipeline
Alluvial Mining and other Mineral & Petroleum Prospects
Other new mining prospects and alluvial mine
MSME & District Growth Centres DevelopmentProvincial and District Market DevelopmentMSME development
District Growth Centres and MSME Incubation Hub
Financial Inclusion
Downstream ProcessingCoffee SmallholdersProduce value-adding
Rice Milling and Packaging Job creation
Fresh Produce & Spice Value Chain
Apiculture (Honey)
Poultry & Cattle Processing
Trade and InvestmentSpecial Economic Zones Promote SEZ and Industrial Hubs
Kokopo Industrial Park
Tourism Niche Product DevelopmentMt. Giluwe TourismPromote local and International tourism
Tourism Niche Product Development
Land DevelopmentCustomary Land Registration (ILGs)Bankable land
Unlocking Land for Development